Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Cards, cards, cards!

Hi Friends!

I had my cute friend Kallie come over to try her hand at making cards.  I had kits all ready for us, so we just had to glue.  Super fun time, and I can't wait to card with her again!

We saw a wooden butterfly on one of our favorite Instagrammers Maggie Massey (Midwestern Girl) projects. She just blows me away with her amazing crafts!  I loved this layout, and couldn't wait to try my hand at using veneer in the Cricut!  It was so much fun.  Took a whole passel of multi-cuts, but it was worth it.  This card was my favorite of the night.  Hence the reason the other cards were only photographed in a group! 

The other cards were also fun.  They are designs I've done before, but new techniques.  I just love to wrinkle up paper and add distress ink to the wrinkles.  It adds a lot of detail and takes all but 2 seconds!

Thank you Kallie, for coming over and learning about cards.  You're a pro now!  And thank you all for visiting today!!

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Vanessa said...

all your cards are beautiful!! My favorite is the butterfly one beautiful card!!
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