Friday, April 29, 2016

Teacher Appreciation Posters

Hello friends!

I signed up way back in August to do the Teacher Appreciation doors this year.  I love making posters and was happy to do it.  As the year went on, I had zero clue what to do for Shelby's male teacher.  Guy things are so hard for me to make cause I'm all about the frills, ya know. Ha! But as the due date was quickly approaching, I was hit with some much needed inspiration.

I used a rectangle and some lines from a ruler image in Cricut Desgn Space and had these cute rulers  to paste on this poster!  I'm feeling very thankful for my Cricut and Glue Dots! 

Now on to the first grade teacher!  I love this poster, and rolled flowers are my favorite so it only felt natural to put them together!  She loved her poster and so did I!

Thanks for visiting today, and thank you to all the amazing teachers who  have helped my kids grow!!

Monday, April 25, 2016

Cricut Cards

Hi Friends!

I wanted to show you some cards I made for a birthday gift. I love to make a box of cards for my friends and add a book of stamps and a fun pen. #longlivesnailmail right?! Anyway.  It makes a great gift and with my Cricut Explore gifts have never been easier!

This card was a fun one to make. Those balloons are from the Hello Kitty Greetings cartridge but I didn't want to use Hello Kitty.  I cut the shadow and then snipped her off with scissors and put the banner over and had a cute lil' card!

 This one may be my favorite of the group: I had the Cricut cut the "thanks" on a rectangle and then I did some back stitching through the holes and had a way cute sentiment!

This card looked like a cupcake from the beginning to me and I felt that it needed a topper! Those flags from Party Picks and Pennants Digital Set are so fun to use.  You can change the size in Design Space and have a sentiment in no time!

This card was probably the easiest for me because I just had to choose paper and have the Cricut cut it!  It is from Creative Everyday Cards and it was done! 

This card was one I wanted to be simple but have a little texture to it.  I used my Cuttlebug to emboss the background and added some enamel dots in the corner and had a simple little card.

This card was from Classically Modern cards. Not the most fun to glue but it looks cute anyway!

This is from Deorate! Celebrate! I added a sentiment from Walk in my Garden and that was a super cute thank you card!

This card was a Make it Now project in design space.  Easiest ever! 

Here is the packaging for the gift.  I used a cupcake I had made long ago for the tag and it was the perfect finishing touch!

Thank you for visiting today!

Burlap Flowers? YES!

Hello there!

Today I want to show you these amazing flowers that my Cricut Explore cut for me with the Deep Cut Blade.  I had watched a video from the super fun Country Charm by Tracy and I just had to try my own.  I love burlap so much, but the messy factor of it almost always makes me choose a different material to work with.  Tracy's blog has been a place where I can always find inspiration.  You should check her out!  I mod podged my burlap a bit too heavy so when these flowers were all rolled and set they were a bit hard and since I was making them for a wedding I thought they should be a little softer.  I don't have a ton of die cuts for my  Cuttlebug but after this project, I will be getting so many more! Rolled flowers are my favorite things to make with my Cricut so it seemed as natural as Burlap to make some! Thanks to Tracy for being my inspiration!

This is the card I ended up using.  The wedding colors were cranberry and gold with burlap. It was a very beautiful reception and I loved those burlap flowers with rolled ones!

Thank you for visiting today!