Saturday, June 18, 2011

My Creative Time "Lite" Challenge

I was so excited when Emma announced her Throwback Thursday challenge... She asked us to use a "Lite" cartridge and include some bling on the project.  I knew exactly what I was going to make, since I just recently bought the Wildlife cartridge. 

We are about to go on a trip to Yellowstone and my daughter keeps telling everyone that it's her favorite place to visit... I thought I would make her a journal that she could write down all the animals she saw and how she felt about them... or whatever she wanted to write.  I cannot wait to give it to her, and I'm sure the pages will be filled up before I know it!

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Monday, June 6, 2011

40th Anniversary Party for my Parents

My sweet parents celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary on Friday.  We did an open house celebration for them on Saturday and it was a huge success!!  My SIL did the food and got all the pictures ready to go, basically planned the entire event... she let me decorate the 5 tables we had to show my parents interests, and I ran with it: 

This is their "Moab" inspired table.  My parents love to visit Moab and do some four wheeling!  I used my Cricut to cut the directional sign and my hubby made the stand for it.  We sure make a great team if you ask me! :)

This is their "Pet" table.  I cut the "Dog", "Cat" out of vinyl and put them on the dishes which were filled with chocolate covered raisins and a scoop that the guests could get their "People Treats".  I forgot to take a picture of the paw prints I made with Cri-Kits, putting each pet's name on them.  They were really cute!

This their "Hawaiian" inspired table.  My dad lives in Hawaiian shirts and I felt this table was a must have!  The Hawaiian shirt rack was built by my amazing husband.  I love it! 

I cut this "Aloha" from the "Life is a Beach" cartridge.  Super cute cartridge, I must say!!

The last table was our tinfoil table.  My parents wrap everything in tinfoil...  They even make Christmas trees in foil every other Christmas.  The foil table was a must have, too!  I didn't do anything with the Cricut on this table, but I wanted to show you the cute trees anyway.

Congrats to my Mom and Dad on 40 years!!  You guys are such a great example, and I'm so proud to be your daughter!

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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Teacher Gifts for Graduation

My daughter graduated from preschool last week and I was so excited when she asked me if I could make 4 cards for her to tell her teachers thank you.  She only asked if it could have purple on it to match the ribbon on the pot of chocolate flowers we were giving her teachers.  It was so much fun!  And she absolutely loved the rainbow with the super cute faces and loved the glittery stars.  She actually told me I should have put some white glitter on the clouds.  She has an eye for sparkle, for sure!  

 I would like to thank my darling, crafty, adorable cousin Paige for making the chocolate flowers. I was so proud to give them away and so was Shelby!!

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