Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Baby Shower Favors

Good Morning!

Today I wanted to show you some baby shower favors I got to make for my cute friend.  I had made a little box for the ladies I started working out with two nights a week with the rosettes from the CTMH Art Philosophy cartridge and one of them was so excited with the decoration that she asked me to make some for her niece who was going to have a baby.  Of course!  I decided to do one of my favorite Peachy Keen Stamp faces and a rosette.  They turned out cuter than I could've imagined!

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Monday, April 14, 2014

Flowers for Mom

Hello Friends!

Today I have a post that should've been made in 2012, but I wasn't quite ready for it.  My sweet Mom passed away in February of 2012 and her birthday in August was truly a hard time for me.  I wanted to do something special with my girls to celebrate my Mom's life.  I decided to decorate her grave with some crepe paper flowers I made and some zebra print bags with hearts and I used some leis to decorate the edges of her grave stone.  She loved black, white and red so I went with those colors and it all fell together.  Although I cried my eyes out while I was decorating, it was such a healing project for me and my girls loved helping water her flowers and it was a beautiful day. 

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Friday, April 11, 2014

Valentine's Day

Hi There!

Today I wanted to show you my daughter's Valentine Box that my husband made.  I was looking at Pinterest and trying to find activities to do at her school party I was in charge of.  I asked her what kind of box she was thinking to collect her Valentines.  Of course she said "A MINION!" Her daddy can't say no, so I was searching and searching and he finally just designed one with a Nordstrom box and some yellow wrapping paper. 

He did let me help with the font on our computer.  HaHa.  The hair is pipe cleaner and he just hand cut the teeth and tongue and it was so fun to watch him create this Minion Masterpiece.  It truly was the hit of the class! 
Of course her Valentines she was going to pass out had to match.  Little sis wanted to pass the same ones out and thanks to The Winthrop Chronicles I found a perfect printable and the girls' Valentines definitely were "one in a Minion".

My girls are obsessed with Despicable Me so these were the perfect thing for them to give their friends!

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Old West Monograms

Hello Friends!

Today I have a project to show you that my husband helped me with for Christmas of 2013.  I wanted to try actually sticking to our budget and asked him if he could cut some wood monograms for me that I could paint and decoupage.  He helped picked the font Old West from Cricut and I cut them on plain white cardstock at 11" and he used them as a template and cut the wood for me.  I was SO excited!  I could then have the Cricut cut the same letter again in my cute paper.  Quite possibly the easiest wood to paper project I've done so far.  Next time though, I'm going to have him cut the shadow, and then I'll do the normal letter with paper.  It'll be perfect! 

I did three C's, four N's and one M for all of my husband's relatives that we trade gifts with.  I was very proud of them and can't wait to make more! 

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Cuttlebug Thank You Cards


Today I have two cards I made to say "thanks" and I decided to challenge myself to mostly use my Cuttlebug.  Easier said than done, I must say.  But I truly love how both of them turned out. 

I love to emboss flowers and cut them out from the Cuttlebug.  It makes a whole new look! 

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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

More Cards for Trade

Good Morning Friends!

Today I have some more cards I was able to trade with my friend for some girly headbands and clips.  I have to say I LOVE being able to trade my craft for something my girls can use.  I'll try to post her website address once she's got it up and running so you can see her amazing work.

She needed "Thank You" and "Birthday" cards this time and I was happy to oblige.  Those are my favorite to make! 

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Monday, April 7, 2014

Cards for Trade!

Good Morning!
I have a friend who is an amazing seamstress and she has just started a baby/little girl headband business and I really wanted to have a few of them for my girls.  I asked her if I could buy some and she just said "Trade me some cards and we'll call it even!".  Deal! 

I made just some all occasion ones for her, and I must admit, it was a great trade!  Stay tuned for another set I traded for some more headbands.  It's great doing business with other crafty people!

Thank you for visiting today!  Hope you all have a great week!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Bestie's Gift Bag

Hi There!

For today I wanted to show you a gift bag I made for my sweet Bestie.  I bought her a necklace from my friend Dani from Tiny Treasures.  It was perfect! 
The bag I put it in of course had to have rolled flowers from CTMH Art Philosophy cartridge and it went together in a snap. 
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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Rolled Flowers. Oh the possiblities!

For my post today I wanted to show you my new love.  Those rolled flowers you can make with the Cricut are so amazing.  And easy to boot!  Just my style.  They truly make everything have that "WOW!" factor.  I love putting them on just about anything, and I've only just dipped my creative toe into the possibilities that are available with these!  The top picture were made with Flower Shoppe and I love it.  The cartridge is easy to use and makes your flowers pop! 

Here are two other projects I made with the CTMH Art Philosophy Cartridge which is SO amazing.

My next picture is of my very first rolled flower card I made.  It was for my cute cousin's daughter who graduated from High School.  I fell in love and had to put them on everything!
This was also from Art Philosophy and I have to admit it may be my go-to cartridge.  It has SO much on it.  Including those gorgeous flowers!
Thank you so much for visiting today.  Slowly but surely, I'm getting caught up! 

Friday, April 4, 2014

Reverse Vinyl Block

Hello Friends! 
Today I have a project I did for my bestest friend in the world for Christmas last year.  I am super inspired by the fabulous Clinton Kelly from TLC's "What Not to Wear" and ABC's "The Chew".  He's an all around amazing guy and of course it helped when he replied to one of my very first Tweets about crafting and shopping with him for a day. 

Anyway.  I love his quote "Wear Something Cute and Don't Take Any Crap" and thought it would make a perfect picture block using the reverse vinyl effect I learned from the amazingly talented Mama Leisha way back in February of 2012.  I gotta say, I'm SOLD on this technique.  It's the easiest thing ever and with my Cricut I see many more projects like this in the near future.

I put "something cute" with the block and it was quite possibly my favorite gift of the season.  She loved it too, I must say.

Thank you for visiting today.  I'm feeling back in the blogging game! 

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Cards for Operation Write Home

Hello to you my faithful followers! Wow has this year flown by. Thanks to Instagram, this poor blog of mine has been terribly neglected. No time like the present to end this streak and give blogging another chance!

  For my first post back from last April (yikes!) I wanted to show you some cards I made to donate to the amazing organization Operation Write Home. They needed "I love you" cards mostly and I thought that it'd be fun to try my hand at making some.

  It was a challenge because I wanted them to be just right. I had never made I love you cards for anyone other than my husband, so it was interesting to think of the other cute husbands and wives that will send and receive these. 

I cannot wait to make more to donate.  It just felt so good! 
Thank you sincerely for checking out my blog today.  Stay tuned for more posts of my crafts for the past year.