Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Easter Treats!

My daughter told me at 9pm that she was supposed to take a basket with treats to school for an Easter party... if she wanted.  That's her way of saying she needs to take treats.  I was a little nervous, since my creativity has flown out the window as of late, and I didn't have much candy that wasn't spoken for or anything.  But, after we got the kids in bed, I went to work.  All I can say is "I LOVE MY PEACHY KEEN STAMPS!".  They made these little treats look so cute!  Luckily, she only needed 16, so that didn't seem as daunting as it would've been!  Thank you so much for visiting!  Have a wonderful day... 

Monday, April 18, 2011

Easter Baskets for Teachers

My daughter's Spring Break starts on Wednesday, so she wanted to take some Easter Baskets to her teachers today.  She chose the little pail from Target and asked me to do a tag that she could sign.  Of course!    The bunny is from Create-a-Critter, but I wanted to use my Peachy Keen Faces on her, so I cut off her whiskers and ta-da...  Perfect lil' face!  My daughter was really excited about them and couldn't wait to get to school.  Thanks so much for visiting!!