Sunday, February 28, 2010

My First Forever Young Project

I absolutely love this cartridge!! It feels more "grown up" than the paper doll cartridges and my darling SIL has a birthday coming up, so I thought I better try this cartridge out. The purses are super cute and I love the models.
I made the purse to hold two colors of nail polish... They fit perfectly!! The card was just fun to make, and I of course had to glitter!!
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Monday, February 22, 2010


I was watching a video on My Pink Stamper's blog and I couldn't wait to try these out! I had just bought my ATG 714 and was itching for a project. I even broke down and bought two sets of Peachy Keen stamps to help make these as cute as can be!

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Cricut Cards

My darling Mother in Law has a friend who just bought a Cricut Expression. She was wondering if I could come up with a few projects to showcase everything the Cricut could do. I was more than happy to do that! I have to admit that I have been using my Cricut with Design Studio since I got my Cricut, so I tried to use it just bare bones and it actually is more amazing than I thought! My MIL's friend is a scrapbooker, so I decided to do a card or two, with a cupcake holder because well, those are the cutest things ever! She was so happy with her "class" and I'm certain she is using her Cricut more and more each day.

I love the button flowers from Walk in my Garden. I wasn't too tickled with how my card turned out, but the idea was cute anyway!!

This is from Sweet Treats. I love that cartridge! This did have a matching cupcake holder, but sadly my 6 month old decided to "help" me bring it home and she ripped the handle off. I will make more though, I'm sure of it!! No more babies helping though... :)

This was my favorite card of the set. I love that butterfly from Indie Art. My SIL helped me fix my glittering job. I am fairly new to the world of Stickles, but after this, I will be glittering up everything!

Thanks so much for visiting and slowly but surely, I am getting my craft time back from having a baby!! I appreciate you checking out my work!!

My Husband's Valentine

I wanted to make a card for my hubby who supports me in all my nonsense. He truly is the sweetest guy and I'm so glad I have him to share my life with. He's really the "man's man" and knowing this, I had to do something non-cutsie. That was really hard for me! But, I love my Indie Art cartridge, and I thought surely there was something I could use. I'm a sucker for flames, so it only seemed appropriate to put some on his card. Thanks for visiting!!