Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Treat Box

Shelby asked if we could make something for her friends for Halloween. How could I resist? I suggested a few things, but her favorite was a spider with cute eyes and some fun colors. Well, that opens a whole bunch of ideas for me and this is the end result. She helped with the polka dots and the spider eyes. I of course had do distress the orange like crazy, but I think it turned out pretty cute. This was my first "Popcorn Box" and WOW! I've been missing out on some cute things... Shelby is SO excited to deliver these.
Thanks for looking!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Birthday Card

Here's a birthday card I thought up, and of course it had to have braces on it! But, it's all good. Orange and pink with a hint of brown is slowly becoming a favorite combo of mine... Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Premade Scrapbook for a New Mommy

My friend Amanda had the cutest baby girl in May and for Amanda's birthday, I wanted to make her a ready-made scrapbook that all she'd have to do is put her pictures in. Originally, I wanted to have it be for pics of Amanda and the baby, but it didn't come together like that. Surprising, I know! I only did one 2 page layout without my Cricut, and was VERY happy with how the whole book turned out. It was an 8x8 book, and the cover was a soft yellow, so I tried to carry different tones of yellow throughout the whole book. Amanda really enjoyed it, and I'm curious to see all the pics in it! *hint, hint*
Thanks for looking!!

This is the "window" on the book's cover. I love monograms!!

This is probably my favorite page of the whole book... Aunt Missy gave me a "Dream Big" stamp set and I had to use it!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Black, White and Green?

I've been finishing up my brother and sister- in- law's sets of cards they want to give as Christmas gifts to their neighbors. They wanted 6 cards, and I flew through the first 4, but struggled for days on the final 2. Finally, I got my creative mojo back, and WALLA!! I absolutely love this card, and can't wait to create more for the booth. Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Hole in One... or Many!

I have loved this stencil since I bought it in 2001... But, I never liked the center that it had, so I didn't use it much. Well, since the last Scrapbook Expo, I've learned a lot of new techniques and thought I should try one on this card. Turns out, I absolutely adore poking holes in paper! Who knew!? I apologize for the blurry nature of the picture... I just have to distress everything! The camera doesn't like that too much... Thanks for looking!!

More Halloween Cards

My darling husband bought me such a cute stamp with a Haunted House on it that I couldn't wait to try it... It was giving me grief because I'm lazy and didn't want to cut it out once stamped, but I figured it out! The stamp is from Imaginisce, which I LOVE!

My other favorite Halloween item is that stretched pumpkin from Stretch Your Imagination. I am so in love with that pumpkin, and have had to show some restraint in not putting it on everything!! I'm really into brackets on cards right now, so it only seemed fitting to put one on here! Thanks for looking.